World Healing Ceremony

Friday, 7th May 2021

Daily at 8pm SGT - 8am USA EDT 

A special free event, 30 minutes/day over a period of 7 days.

Peace Greetings to all!
Inline with quantum physics, shared by many in the field, the world has created a morphic of fear with the word 'corvid'.
As a global team of Conscious leaders, we are set out to reverse this with our Daily sessions with Highest Intention of Growing the Global Morphic Field of Love and Peace.
Harmonizing and increasing the vibration of Love and Peace in all who show up.
Trusting the Highest Divine Intelligence and Guidance.. All who show are to stay focused in the Highest intention of increasing the vibration of love and peace within ourselves, knowing that it is contributing to others and our world.
Let's be selfless selfish and make it work for humanity, for the highest good of all.
Join us:

Please share with your friends and family to share this space.

Non-religious ceremony and with conscious leaders from different parts of the world.