Good Beginnings - Nurturing Conception (2)

Friday, 05 November 2021 08:00 PM
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Nurturing Conception Program 5 Days, 7 sessions 
Starting November 2nd with a FREE SESSION 
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Full program (7 sessions) is only SGD20

Good Beginnings - Nurturing Conception 


It's been one year since started Pay Good Beginnings Forward Movement in June. Where Nurturing Conception is one of our hot topics of discussion.

Are you newly married or wanting to conceive? It is joyful of the thought of wanting to be a parent. Let the feeling of joy roll-on in your journey into parenthood.

What should you do to prepare to bear a healthy child? Join us to find out what you can do to achieve Optimal Health before conception. We, a team of Good Beginnings Angels put together a program to help you work on total health, a holistic approach to a natural conception.

Nurturing Conception Program 5 Days, 6 sessions: special price for all sessions SGD20


Session #1: Nov 2nd @ 8 pm SGT - Joy and Challenges on your Fertility Journey (Free admission)
Opening program where we meet Good Beginnings Angels, Kong Choon Yen, Sarah Manning, Dr. Julia Lim and Andy Wee who can help you work on your physical fitness, increase energy, prepare your body before getting pregnant, deepen your connection with your partner and skill set.

Session #2: Nov 3rd @ 12 pm SGT - Fertility Yoga Class
Sarah Manning, a Senior Yoga Instructor and Qigong Teacher Trainer, co-founder of Optimal Reproductive Health.
A journey into increasing your vitality, flexibility, and mindfulness.

Session #3: Nov 3rd @ 8 pm SGT - Energetic Flow for Optimal Health
Kong Choon Yen, founder of Birth Discovery and Pay Good Beginnings Forward Support Group, a Birth Expert, Speaker, Author and Holistic Practitioner.
Let go of your physical, mental, and emotional baggage.

Session #4: Nov 4th @ 12 pm SGT - Healthy Fertility
Lydia Ling, a Holistic Health Consultant (MSc. in Holistic Nutrition), possessing over 21 years of experience encompassing a broad spectrum of holistic health nutrition therapies.

Session #5: Nov 4th @ 8 pm SGT - That Conversation on Having Baby
Dr. Julia Lim, a Holistic Psychologist, and Life Coach.
Unpacking the expectations and values that constitute the parents on why to have baby

Session #6: Nov 5th @ 8 pm SGT - Fertility Charting Class with Andy Wee, Fertility Care Practitioner.
Family planning made easy with this skill set and teamwork.

Session #7: Nov 6th @ 8 pm SGT - Getting Ready to Enjoy a Nurturing Conception (Free Admission)
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