Good Beginnings - Postnatal Care & Future Health #2 Nov21

Wednesday, 17 November 2021 08:00 PM
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Postnatal Care & Future Health Program - 5 Days, 7 sessions 
Starting November 16th with a FREE SESSION 
Full program (7 sessions) is only SGD20 

Good Beginnings - Postnatal Care & Future Health 


· For mother: Recovering and regain energy to enjoy motherhood
· For parents: Ease tension in the family, better communication with partner and reduce stress when you understand what your baby
· For baby: Better adjustment into this world. Feel safe and comfortable in the new environment.

SCHEDULE (all times are SGT time zone):

Session #1: Tuesday, Nov 16th @ 8 pm - Postpartum Care and the Essentials (Free Admission).
Conversation with Good Beginnings Angels, Kong Choon Yen, Sarah Manning, Dr. Julia Lim, Hajjah Mariati and Pearline Foo who can help you work on your physical fitness after birth, partnering in parenting communication skills, take care of your emotional care & womb recovery, understanding the transition period for your baby and your family, continue bonding with baby-wearing safety.

Session #2: Wednesday, Nov 17th @ 12 pm - Postnatal Yoga.
Rebuild your body after baby. Work on your core strength on the mat for 1 hour, stretch your shoulders and most importantly relax more efficiently.
Sarah Manning, a Senior Yoga Instructor and Qigong Teacher Trainer, co-founder of Optimal Reproductive Health. Sarah has 26 years of experience as a yoga teacher. Since 2010, Sarah has been training yoga teachers for the International Yoga Teachers Association of Australia, facilitating topics that include pre-and post-natal yoga, back care, and yin yoga.

Session #3: Wednesday, Nov 17th @ 8 pm - Postpartum Care & Womb Recovery.
Keep your mental-emotional health in check, support system and massage.
Hajjah Mariati Johari, Professional Pregnancy & Childbirth-Fertility Aromatherapist of more than 25 years of experience. She conducts workshops and research, developed her house brand of products called Mariati Aromatherapy that have been in the local & global market.

Session #4: Thursday, Nov 18th @ 8 pm - Partners in Parenting.
Have that essential conversation(s) with your partner about what you each bring to parenting and how to create a common ground for bringing up a child.
Dr. Julia Lim, founder of Soul Simple Wellness. Dr. Julia Lim (PhD, Ed; MA, App.Psych) is a Psychologist and Holistic Life Coach specializing in Mind-Body integration. Trained in counselling psychology with a focus on personality testing and construction, family therapy and personal growth, she takes a whole-person approach to wellness - looking not only at the emotional roots of stress and dis-ease and also healing through lifestyle changes.

Session #5: Friday, Nov 19th @ 12pm - Babywearing Basics.
Carry your baby to a calmer, healthier, and smarter baby. Plus a Happier You!
Pearline Foo, co-founder of Baby Slings & Carriers, the pioneer in Babywearing in Asia. Her passion is to help parents, parents-to-be and caregivers understand the dynamics of Getting The Right Fit and guiding them through a purpose-driven approach towards making an informed decision that is not only parent-centric but also results in optimal positioning for their babies.

Session #6: Friday, Nov 19th @ 8 pm - Understanding Newborn.
Helping you and your baby stay calm and reduce colics in a new environment.
Kong Choon Yen, founder of Birth Discovery and Pay Good Beginnings Forward Support Group, a Birth Expert, Speaker, Author, and Holistic Practitioner. Yen passionate about transforming stress into a growth mindset. She trained expectant couples for a comfortable, calm, and healthy drug-free birth in HypnoBirthing-The Mongan Method childbirth education. She has a special interest in healing trauma so that families can enjoy total health. Hence, she started a Pay Good Beginnings Froward Movement.

Session #7: Saturday, Nov 20th @ 12 pm - Better Family's Future Health (Free Session).
Conversation with Good Beginnings Angels. Five essential steps to achieving joyful parenthood. Improve physical strength, nurturing time with your baby and family, reset and restore health, improve family's mental-emotional health, and of course, long-term financial health.

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