Top 3 Things to do, with YP Lai, Dr. Azeeza & Candice Cheng

Tuesday, 04 January 2022 08:00 PM
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A powerful 3-sessions Masterclass 
by world-class Conscious Leaders
to help you making 2022 a great year for you 


✳️ For Business Leaders, Prof.Trainers/Coaches and Consultants to learn from what TOP business leaders have done right to grow their market share and?TOP 3 ACTIONS TO TAKE to SHINE in your Industry in 2022

 Three parts Masterclass:

✅With Mentors from GoGLOBAL Conscious Leaders Community, with decades of experience pioneering and partnering with businesses leaders expanding in Asia.

✴️Dr.h.c. Azeeza Jalaludeen
Founder & Chief Mentor, GoGLOBAL Business School

✴️Mr YP Lai
BNI Global Master Trainer
Founder, Work Less Earn More Blue Print

✴️Ms Candice Cheng
Founder, The Artz Training
Chief Transformation Officer, GoGLOBAL Business School

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