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Chai with Global Leaders in Asia: Mr. Agnelorajesh Athaide [free]

Chai 2020 - Agnelorajesh Athaide
Date: Monday, 23 November 2020

Venue: Recorded online event


Join us for Chai with a visionary share his business broke down in 911 in USA, and how he rebuilt to have offices now in Dubai, London, Malaysia and India, growing very successful with a global business network.

Mr. Agnelorajesh Athaide is a First Generation Serial and Social Entrepreneur and also the founder & Chairman of St. Angelo's VNCT Ventures, which is set to bring a change in the real estate business. 

He ventured into the world of business with data processing while pursuing his graduation. Starting with a single computer, it grew to become St. Angelo's Professional Education -- the first computer education hub in India, with its centres spread across Maharashtra. Agnelorajesh has successfully educated more than 3 lakh students in his centres till date. His students are settled and are working globally today. 

His passion for sports has led him to own ST. Angelo's VNCT Chennai Singhams futsal team. He also actively promotes the Women's Throwball Premier League. 

Agnelorajesh has always been a trend setter. He believes if you wish to be at the top you have to do things differently. As such, for the first time he initiated after sales service in computer education in India. He allowed his students to repeat their courses for free whenever they required. 

It was his initiative that led to the sanction of loans for private education .i.e computer education, for the first time in India. With the help of the best brains of the industry, he has now introduced the concept of affordable luxury with quality. 

 Agnelorajesh believes in the words earn, learn and return. As such he takes the onus of sharing his vast knowledge and experience with everyone. As a motivational speaker, he tries to help you tap your potential and be a game changer. 

He shares his knowledge through various platforms live seminars, his YouTube page - Inspiring Business Fundas, his mobile app -- Inspiring Conversations and through keynotes. 

He has also penned down his experiences and highlighted the journey of his life in his upcoming book. It sure will be an inspiration to budding entrepreneurs. 

He co-established Business Opportunities Club (BOC) and -- two platforms for entrepreneurs to learn and grow. He co-launched the Global Indian Reality Summit with It is meant to educate investors about the changing dynamics of the Indian real estate business. 

He is a trustee of the International Development and Welfare Foundation, an NGO established in 2003. Run solely on the contributions made by its members, it provides free educational and medical aids to the economically challenged people of the society. He also actively supports the platform  -- -- meant to find individuals who have gone missing from their families.


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