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Creative Parenthood - Radiant Me

Date: Tuesday, 23 August 2022 08:00 PM (America/New_York)
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Radiant Me Exercises

For men and women, married couples, parents, expectant parents
who wanted to walk the creative parenthood journey in a self-care nurturing journey,
reducing stress, improving your mental capacity staying calm and centered.



 Exercises to release and lower stress and improve connection with self and others. After a long day, this will be a chance to release pent-up emotions and bring the body to a calm and optimal state.

An evening of relaxation, recharge, and reconnecting with yourself.

Good Beginnings Angels & Facilitators:
Kong Choon Yen, Birth Mentor trained HypnoBirthing, Gentle Bio-Energetics Body Therapy, PSYCH-K Balance, founder of Birth Discovery, Pay Good Beginnings Forward Support Group

Dr. Julia Lim (PhD, Ed; MA, App.Psych) is a Psychologist and Holistic Life Coach specializing in Mind-Body integration. Trained in Applied Psychology with a focus on personality testing and construction, family therapy and personal growth

This is a project of Conscious Leader Community in partnership with GoGlobal Business School. 





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