At GlobalSparks we believe in working in a revenue-share model and cooperation with others
in order to create something bigger than its parts.






License the content of world-class trainers and motivators, then customize their lesson plans, templates, slides, training manuals, etc. to fit your and your clients' specific needs



Put people in the seats, and have world-class trainers and motivators do the rest



Use the GlobalSparks platform to promote and deliver your own training program(s)



Use our professional faculty and licensed trainers as your own on-demand, on-site training team, at a fraction of the cost



Joint-venture with GlobalSparks to offer special events, include renown speakers, powerful trainers, worldclass motivators



Joint-venture for elite speakers, trainers, presenters, consultants offering other professionals the use of their content and/or of their name, to generate residual income and create a legacy for themselves and family


WHY: For mutual benefits, we work with agencies, promoters and companies (or individuals) offering training, workshops, live events, online training by providing:

  • Access to high-end trainers & coaches
  • Access to book authors and celebrities 
  • License content you may need (ex: full workshops with all training aids, scripts, etc) so your own team can use at will (saving 95% of the preparation time)
  • You deliver content on our behalf, or vice-versa
  • Turn-key systems & programs
  • Strategic alliances
  • Train-the-Trainer programs

HOW: You first need to understand our business model, and discuss with us the numerous options and opportunities a potential joint-venture could offer. Some of the options include local, regional, national licensing, revenue-share, joint-ventures, agency representation, and much more. Please contact us to discuss how we mutually benefit by working together.

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 Global Sparks: Present-based, Future-oriented!


Global Sparks is very unique company.

We work with:

  • individuals who want to improve their knowledge & skills
  • trainers & instructors
  • small businesses
  • large companies
  • Non-profit entities

One of the main elements that makes us different is that the training modules can be used as packaged or the perfect training to address specific needs can be created by simply selecting the best modules for the task, among the 1,000+ available (in addition to the 3,000+ classes offered on this platform and which can be used at will).

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