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Here are some of the 400+ free classes related to non-profit entities


Humanitarian Essentials Learning Pathway 2018

Completion of this curriculum will qualify you for a verifiable Open Badge. The badge allows you to display and publish your achievements which may help with future career and education…

Chlorine Awareness 117-06

This 60-minute online course will teach you to recognize the occupational hazards and potential health effects of chlorine exposure.

Introduction to Unconscious Bias

In this 35-minute curriculum, comprised of 2-4 minute microlearning courses, you will learn about unconscious bias and how it affects your decision-making.

The Guide to Meaningful Nonprofit Metrics

This 40 page guide will teach you about the metrics you need to track in order accurately report on success and areas of improvement. When your organization observes and applies the right…

Moving Around in Word 2010

In this 1-hour online course you will learn basic navigation features of Word 2010, such as scrollbars and keyboard keys, along with built-in tools such as the new Navigation Pane. This pane…

Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation

This 20-minute module provides an introduction to a key monitoring and evaluation (M&E) tool, the logic model, along with an overview of common M&E terminology and different types of evaluations.

Managing Restricted Funds

This 3-page resource aims to define unrestricted, temporarily restricted, and permanently restricted income and give nonprofit leaders the tools to record, report, and effectively manage…

Google Intelligence (alerts): Does your Google Analytics account have a Watchdog?

This 5 minute video is designed for anyone responsible for managing their nonprofit's Google Analytics.

Fix Simple Security Mistakes

Fix Simple Security Mistakes. Tagged as: Compliance, Security

Protect Your Mobile Device from Attack

Protect Your Mobile Device from Attack. Tagged as: Compliance, Security

The Nonprofit Ready Podcast: Pat Ross, Team Rubicon

This 30 minute podcast is designed for nonprofit professionals interested in volunteer management.

Introduction to Nonprofit Finances

In this 2 hour and 10 minute curriculum, you will learn the basic concepts and operating principles of nonprofit finances. This curriculum will cover the essentials of the 990, sustainability…

Recognize Email Phishing Attempts

Recognize Email Phishing Attempts. Tagged as: Compliance, Security

Project Planning - Part A

This 15-minute online course is designed for anyone responsible for managing projects and/or programs.

Hazardous Communications Employee Training Program, Part 2 (119-04)

This 1-hour and 15-minute online course describes how exposure to hazardous materials occurs. Learn how to choose and use equipment for personal protection.

Ole Scheeren: Why Great Architecture Should Tell a Story

This 16-minute video is designed for anyone interested in design that is functional and people-focused. Ole Scheeren designs buildings that generate both functional and social spaces. He…

Executive Directors Guide: Leadership

In this 8-page downloadable excerpt from the Executive Directors Guide: The Guide to Successful Nonprofit Management, you will learn about the critical leadership issues for executive…

First Aid 103-01

This 1-hour and 10-minute online course describes common injuries that require first aid treatment and how to provide aid for such injuries. The course identifies major emergencies requiring…

9 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Video Like You Give a Darn! Part 2

This 7 minute video is designed for anyone responsible for administering and promoting their nonprofit's presence on YouTube.

The Guide to Millennial Giving

This 35-page handbook provides an introduction to attracting millennial donors and supporters for your nonprofit. There are over 75 million millennials, and they are becoming a dominant force…

David Brooks on Character in the Selfie Age

In this three and half minute video, popular New York Times columnist David Brooks argues that meaning and moral value are losing out in a world of ‘me me me’. A witty and powerful look…

How to Measure Your Audience With YouTube Analytics

This 5 minute video is designed for anyone responsible for administering and promoting their nonprofit's presence on YouTube.

Engaging Pro Bono and Skilled Volunteers

This 56 minute recorded webinar is designed for anyone responsible for the engagement of pro bono and skilled volunteers for their nonprofit.

The Emerging Leaders Playbook

In this 55-page downloadable book, authors Beth Kanter and Third Plateau Consulting provide a comprehensive toolkit to help you, and your nonprofit, navigate the complex nature of growing a…

PowerPoint 2010 - Visually Enhancing Presentations

This 1-hour online course enables you to use themes, graphics and SmartArt features to create visually appealing, professional and effective presentations.

Webinar: Relationships for Leadership Success and High Performance Teams

As a nonprofit professional, you know that working in this sector is not without its challenges. Long hours, strained resources, and daunting societal issues often conspire to create a…

Ten Steps for Leading Productive Meetings

This one hour recorded webcast focuses on the 10 golden rules and practical advice for improving decision making at meetings, solving meeting problems, improving brainstorming efforts,…

Fund the People Toolkit: The Case Making Collection

This 56-page guide provides comprehensive tools, resources and data to help you make cogent arguments for investing in nonprofit talent -customized to your particular context. Most nonprofit…

Financial Info and Your Board

In this 4-minute video, you will learn about the essentials of nonprofit finances so you, and your board, can make strategic financial decisions. This video highlights the important nuances…

The Online Fundraising Assessment

In this 39-page downloadable guide, you will learn that successful online fundraising is the sum of many parts. From launching donor acquisition tactics to designing a beautiful website,…

Summarising (Business English Series)

This 8-minute micro-learning online course on summarizing a meeting contains a 2 minute video, quiz, summary document and additional short audio clips. If you are leading a meeting, it is…

Creating Your Volunteer Program

In this 4 hr and 52 minute curriculum, you will learn the essentials on how to start a volunteer program, create an engaged volunteer corp, and strategies for retention and recognition of…

Storytelling and the Art of Email Writing

In this 16-page downloadable guide, you will learn about the Do’s and Don’ts of using stories in email fundraising campaigns. Stories can be compelling and very effective tools to propel…

How To Build A Website - On a Budget

This 4 minute video is designed for anyone responsible for managing their nonprofit's online presence.

Executive Directors Guide to Fund Development

In this 18-page guide, you will learn how to set up a development plan, how to manage the transition to more complex fundraising and how to engage your board of directors in the fundraising…

True Program Costs

In this 55-minute recorded webinar, you will learn how to calculate indirect expenses to determine true program costs. This webinar explores what expenses can be billed directly and what must…


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