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Here are some of the 500+ classes related to non-profit entities


Leading Virtual Teams: Managing When People are at a Distance

This one hour webcast focuses on solutions to the unique issues you face when managing in a virtual workplace, whether it be multisite, multicountry, multitime-zone, or all of the above.

Managing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Investigations

This 15-minute online course details management's role when investigating Sexual Exploitation and Abuse cases.

Excel 2013 - Formatting Data

In this 1-hour online course, you will learn Excel 2013 tools and features that allow you to visually enhance the appearance of data, automatically fill data, and create hyperlinks to various…

Crane and Hoist Safety 112-01

This 60-minute online course describes rules and responsibilities for the safe operation of cranes, hoists, and riggings. Learn to perform hand signals and a safety checklist for the…

Eats, Shoots, and Leaves Your Site: 7 Data Grammar Mistakes To Avoid

In this 4-minute video, you will learn about the most common data grammar mistakes and how you can avoid them when presenting to your board, potential donors, volunteers and other…

Why You Do What You Do - LinkedIn for Nonprofiteers

This 63 minute recorded webinar is designed for nonprofit professionals seeking to better leverage LinkedIn to support their career objectives.

How to Track and Scale Your Efforts

In this five minute video you will learn how to track your Google Ad campaigns and how to scale your efforts with Google Analytics. Google Analytics will help you understand what is happening…

Having a Difficult Conversation

In this 1-hour online course, you will learn how to successfully navigate difficult conversations through such methods as creating and following a meeting agenda, fostering open dialogue, and…

Catalyze Progress (Teresa Amabile, Professor, Harvard Business School)

This 6-minute video course explores the ways in which managers can enhance their direct reports' ability to make progress, through catalysts that promote progress and through avoiding…

True Program Costs

In this 55-minute recorded webinar, you will learn how to calculate indirect expenses to determine true program costs. This webinar explores what expenses can be billed directly and what must…

Ammonia Awareness 117-04

This 50-minute online course will teach you to recognize the health risks associated with working around ammonia. You will also be able to identify steps to protect yourself during general…

The Nonprofit Ready Podcast: Alethea Hannemann, Taproot Foundation

This 35 minute podcast is designed for nonprofit professionals seeking to learn about the career pathways of today's most innovative nonprofit leaders. Course Objectives: • Explore the…

Storytelling for Fundraising

In this 1-hour recorded presentation, you will learn from Dalya Massachi, author of Writing to Make a Difference: 25 Powerful Techniques to Boost Your Community Impact. She will help you…

Impact Grant Program

This curriculum contains key resources and reference materials to help you learn more about the Impact Grant program.

The Donor Retention Handbook

In this 27- page guide, you’ll learn why retention is so important, what it takes to convince a donor to give again, and how to foster long-term relationships with your supporters.o matter…

Why We Need to Stop Playing the Blame Game

In this three and half minute video, inspirational thinker Brene Brown considers why we blame others, how it sabotages our relationships, and why we desperately need to move beyond this toxic…

Fostering and Maintaining Motivation

This 20-minute online course is designed for leaders seeking to improve their motivational skills.

David Brooks on Character in the Selfie Age

In this three and half minute video, popular New York Times columnist David Brooks argues that meaning and moral value are losing out in a world of ‘me me me’. A witty and powerful look…

Understanding Reserves

In this 3 minute video you will learn the core concepts of cash reserves. Whether you call it the rainy day fund, a nest egg, or your safety net, reserves are an important and sound nonprofit…

Outlook 2013 - Managing E-mail

In this 1-hour online course, you will learn to work with attachments and signatures in your messages in Outlook 2013. Managing your e-mail by sorting, filter, printing and deleting messages…

Recorded Webinar: Social Media in Emergencies

Timo Luege from Social Media for Good (http://sm4good.com/) explores how social media can be used by NGOs and humanitarian organizations before and during emergencies.

What Is an IP Address

What Is an IP Address. Tagged as: Compliance, Security

Becoming a Leader: Leading Your Own Development

This 54 minute recorded webinar is designed for nonprofit professionals seeking to take great ownership of their leadership development.

Why Use End-to-End Encryption

Why Use End-to-End Encryption. Tagged as: Compliance, Security

Office 2010 Interface, Word 2010, and Excel 2010

In this 1-hour online course you will learn the functionality and interface changes new with Office 2010.

The Power of Empathy

In this three minute video, Dr Brené Brown reminds us that we can only create a genuine empathetic connection if we are brave enough to really get in touch with our own fragility.

Behavior Based Safety Programs - Basic Design 130-01

This 48-minute online course describes the basic design of a behavior based safety program. In addition, the course explains how you can participate in safety committees and safety inspection…

Preparing and Structuring an Oral Presentation

This 40-minute online course is designed for any professional seeking to improve their public speaking skills.

What is Mindfulness?

This 8-minute micro-learning online course on mindfulness contains a 3 minute video, quiz, summary document and additional short audio clips. Mindfulness is a tool that can help you regain…

Fund the People Toolkit: The Case Making Collection

This 56-page guide provides comprehensive tools, resources and data to help you make cogent arguments for investing in nonprofit talent -customized to your particular context. Most nonprofit…

Shelter Fundamentals

This 2.5-hour online course will prepare participants to assist in the opening, organizing, operating, and closing of a Red Cross shelter. This course is designed for those individuals…

Excel 2010 - Getting Started

In this 1-hour online course you will learn the basics of Excel 2010, including opening the application, creating new spreadsheets, entering data and, AutoFill features. It also provides an…

Writing Effective Emails

This five module series from UNHCR aims to improve effective written communication. Topics: Effective Writing, Office Correspondence, Report Writing, Proposal and Report Writing for…

RSA Animate: Language As A Window Into Human Nature

In this 11 minute video, psychologist and linguist Steven Pinker shows us how the mind turns finite building blocks of language into infinite meanings. This video is ideal for individual…

Excel 2010 - Applying Basic Data Formatting

In this 1-hour online course you will learn Excel 2010 tools and features that allow you to visually enhance the appearance of worksheets and workbooks. Data and cells can be manipulated and…

How to Get the Generations Working Together

This one hour recorded webcast will show you a practical approach to get the four generations working together.


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