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Here are some of the 400+ free classes related to non-profit entities


Guiding Team and Individual Actions - Part A

This 15-minute online course is designed for leaders seeking to improve their management of teams.

The Ultimate Guide to PR for Nonprofits

In this 20 page guide you will learn how to put together a public relations strategy. Nonprofits that cannot afford professional PR help can feel stuck and powerless. Either way, the PR…

Microsoft Office 2010

In this 12 hour curriculum you will be introduced to all of the applications within the Microsoft 2010 Suite. This curriculum contains trainings for MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Outlook…

Google Presentations: 01-Getting Started, Presentation Fundamentals, Formatting Text and Drawing Opt

This 1 hour 15-minute online course details the different features available in Google Presentations. This is part one of a two part course series.

Introduction: Google Ad Grant Advanced Series

This fourteen minute web recording is the first in a six part series produced specifically for NonprofitReady.org about how to maximize Google Ad Word grants. Google can help your…

What are the ABCs of Persuasion?

In this three minute video, bestselling author Dan Pink shows us how to influence others more effectively; it’s as simple as A-B-C. Whether we're employees pitching to our bosses, parents…

What Do We Need to Know?

In this two and half minute video, producer and comedian John Lloyd asks one of the world’s simplest but most significant questions – what do we really need to know? What should we teach…

Overcoming Information Overload - Podcast

In this 13 minute podcast Christopher Frank and Paul Magnone, authors of the new book, Drinking from the Fire Hose: Making Smarter Decisions Without Drowning in Information, explain the power…

Preparing and Structuring the Annual Performance Review - Part A

This 10-minute online course is designed for anyone responsible for administering performance reviews.

Office 2010 New Core Features

In this 1-hour online course you will learn key new features and enhancements in the Office 2010 suite of products. It also introduces product-specific new features and enhancements in the…

Nonprofit Mission Statements vs. Vision Statements

In this 7-minute video, you will learn why mission statements and vision statements are often confused for one another and therefore used interchangeably. In this overview,you will learn what…

Interpersonal Communication: Listening Essentials

In this 1-hour online course, you will learn the fundamentals of active listening that include: focusing your attention completely on the speaker, listening carefully for meaning, then…

Excel 2016 - Essentials: Charts, Tables, and Images

In this 1-hour online course, you will learn how to effectively use and customize tables and charts in Excel 2016. You will also learn how to use headers and footers to add additional…

100 Days for Good - Episode 9: Regulatory Advocacy Made Real

In this 30 minute podcast, hosts Kristina and Jamie run through the news of the week including the Congressional Budget Office report on the American Health Care Act and how this might affect…

How to use Text Messaging (SMS) for Your Nonprofit

This 8-minute video explains how text messaging can offer a new, and highly effective way to reach your nonprofit's stakeholders.

WebTalks - Volunteers: Your Source for Nonprofit Success

This 20-minute WebTalk examines how non-profit organizations can increase their impact by more strategically leveraging their volunteer talent.

Manage App Permissions

Manage App Permissions. Tagged as: Compliance, Security

Approaching Grantmakers for the First Time

This 2 minute video is designed for those who are responsible for engaging grantmakers on behalf of their organization.

Excel 2013 - Creating Workbooks, Worksheets, and Data

In this 1-hour online course, you will learn to create and open workbooks, move around in Excel 2013, move data, and organize worksheets. This course will help prepare learners for the…

RSA Animate: The Truth About Dishonesty

In this 11 minute video, Dan Ariely explores the circumstances under which someone would lie and what effect deception has on society at large. Dan Ariely is the founder of The Center for…

Generating Creative and Innovative Ideas: Maximizing Team Creativity

In this 1-hour online course, you will learn how to maximize team creativity by exploring several topics such as how creativity is influenced by work environment and team diversity.

Professional Networking Essentials: Developing Confidence

In this 1-hour online course, you will learn about the obstacles to effective networking as well as techniques for conversing with confidence to make a positive first impression and enhance…

4 Reasons Nonprofits Should Use Google Analytics

This 6 minute video is designed for marketing-focused professionals seeking to learn more about Google Analytics.

The Modern Meeting - Podcast

This 10-minute podcast by Al Pittampalli, the author of "Read This Before Our Next Meeting" outlines a fresh methodology to the meeting structure. The “modern meeting” encourages…

Office 2010 Interface, Word 2010, and Excel 2010

In this 1-hour online course you will learn the functionality and interface changes new with Office 2010.

Expand Your Range (Stephen Miles, Vice Chairman of Heidrick & Struggles)

This 9-minute video course explores how even the most high performing CEOs can benefit from some coaching; the coaching is not about change, but about introducing new tools to deal with…

Environmental Awareness 150-01

This 45-minute online course explains ways your awareness can reduce the environment impact of various processes and tasks. In addition, the course describes the process of designing and…

How to Get the Generations Working Together

This one hour recorded webcast will show you a practical approach to get the four generations working together.

Age, Gender and Diversity Approach (AGD)

This 3-hour and 30-minute curriculum explains the basic principles of an Age, Gender and Diversity (AGD) Approach and how to incorporate age, gender and diversity into humanitarian…

Digital Etiquette Fundamentals

In this 45-minute curriculum, comprised of sixteen 1-3 minute microlearning courses, you will learn the guidelines for communicating politely and respectfully with people online.

Support an Inclusive Culture

In this one-hour and 15-minute curriculum, comprised of 4-10 minute microlearning courses, you will learn how to support an inclusive culture within your workplace.

Google Analytics for Nonprofits - Basics Tutorial

This 6 minute video is designed for anyone seeking to introduce themselves to Google Analytics.

Humanitarian Essentials Learning Pathway 2018

Completion of this curriculum will qualify you for a verifiable Open Badge. The badge allows you to display and publish your achievements which may help with future career and education…

The Role of Nonprofit Board Members in Revenue Generation

This 45 minute online course is designed for new and veteran board members seeking to develop or refine their understanding of their role in supporting their nonprofit's revenue generation.

Ammonia Awareness 117-04

This 50-minute online course will teach you to recognize the health risks associated with working around ammonia. You will also be able to identify steps to protect yourself during general…

A Year of Creative Fundraising Ideas

This 44 page guide by the fundraising pros at Classy.org provides you, and your organization, a list of their most creative ideas to help enhance your organization's development strategy. As…


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