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Here are some of the 400+ free classes related to non-profit entities


Board Governance: What’s Your Strategy?

In this 60 minute curriculum you will learn the about the responsibilities of nonprofit leaders to ensure that their organizations boards are running efficiently and adhere to the highest…

True Program Costs

In this 55-minute recorded webinar, you will learn how to calculate indirect expenses to determine true program costs. This webinar explores what expenses can be billed directly and what must…

Drawing Up a Project Budget - Part B

This 15-minute online course is designed for anyone responsible for managing projects and/or programs.

A Year of Creative Fundraising Ideas

This 44 page guide by the fundraising pros at Classy.org provides you, and your organization, a list of their most creative ideas to help enhance your organization's development strategy. As…

How to Improve Your Results Every Month

This ten minute video is the conclusion of the six part advanced Google grants series. This video will focus on how to improve your monthly results and how to improve your campaigns. This…

Introduction to Policy Governance (2 of 2)

This 38 minute video is designed for nonprofit leaders interested in board governance.

Managing Expectations

This 8-minute micro-learning online course on managing expectations contains a 3 minute video, quiz, summary document and additional short audio clips. Managing expectations is a crucial part…

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are

This 21 minute video is designed for those interested in learning how body language can affect self-perception.

Handling Stress

This 15-minute online course is designed for anyone seeking to reduce the negative effects of stress.

Mindfulness: Beginner's Mind

This 8-minute micro-learning online course on mindfulness contains a 3 minute video, quiz, summary document and additional short audio clips. When you are under a lot of pressure, you may not…

Succession Management Best Practices for Nonprofits: Part 1

This 49 minute recorded webinar is designed for nonprofit leaders seeking to better understand effective succession management.

Thinking on Your Feet: What to Say When You're at a Loss for Words

This 1-hour webcast provides useful tips for handling what to say when you were not planning on saying anything at all.

Word 2016 - Working with the Interface and Performing Basic Tasks

This course offers learners the opportunity to earn 1.5 credits toward NASBA’s Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program.

Using E-mail and Instant Messaging Effectively

In this 1-hour online course, you will learn the tried-and-true guidelines for effectively using e-mail and instant messaging so your message is communicated quickly, concisely, and appropriately.

Personal Technology Wellness: Preventing Burnout

In this 10-minute microlearning course, internationally recognized thought leader and nonprofit expert – Beth Kanter demonstrates how the daily use of technology can result in emotional,…

Impact Investing in the Creative Economy

In this 1-hour and 30-minute recorded presentation, Eddie Torres, the President & CEO of Grantmakers in the Arts, facilitates a conversation with a distinguished panel of foundation CEOs and…

Eats, Shoots, and Leaves Your Site: 7 Data Grammar Mistakes To Avoid

In this 4-minute video, you will learn about the most common data grammar mistakes and how you can avoid them when presenting to your board, potential donors, volunteers and other…

Behavior Based Safety Programs - Basic Design 130-01

This 48-minute online course describes the basic design of a behavior based safety program. In addition, the course explains how you can participate in safety committees and safety inspection…

The Role of Nonprofit Board Members in Revenue Generation

This 45 minute online course is designed for new and veteran board members seeking to develop or refine their understanding of their role in supporting their nonprofit's revenue generation.

What Is an IP Address

What Is an IP Address. Tagged as: Compliance, Security

Google Intelligence (alerts): Does your Google Analytics account have a Watchdog?

This 5 minute video is designed for anyone responsible for managing their nonprofit's Google Analytics.

What are the ABCs of Persuasion?

In this three minute video, bestselling author Dan Pink shows us how to influence others more effectively; it’s as simple as A-B-C. Whether we're employees pitching to our bosses, parents…

Project 2010 - Introduction to Project Management

In this 1-hour online course, you will learn project management fundamentals, including the stages of a project lifecycle, the basic project management processes, and how Microsoft Project…

Time Management: Analyzing Your Use of Time

In this 1-hour online course, you will learn how to analyze your current time management skills to determine how to make it more efficient.

First Aid 103-01

This 1-hour and 10-minute online course describes common injuries that require first aid treatment and how to provide aid for such injuries. The course identifies major emergencies requiring…

Effectively Managing Change in Non Profits

This 49 minute recorded webinar is designed for nonprofit leaders seeking best practices in employing change management strategies.

The Modern Meeting - Podcast

This 10-minute podcast by Al Pittampalli, the author of "Read This Before Our Next Meeting" outlines a fresh methodology to the meeting structure. The “modern meeting” encourages…

Preventing and Resolving Conflict in Cyber-Space

This 1-hour recorded webcast examines the challenges of working in a virtual team and provides seven areas to improve effectiveness and resolve conflict with virtual teams.

Secure Your Wi-Fi Router

Secure Your Wi-Fi Router. Tagged as: Compliance, Security

Anticipating Project Risks - Part A

This 15-minute online course focuses on how to identify, evaluate, process and supervise project risks. The course is designed for anyone responsible for managing projects and/or programs and…

Big Data for Nonprofits

This 51 minute recorded webinar is designed for nonprofit professionals seeking to build a basic understanding of how big data can support an organization's HR objectives.

8 Ways to Become a Tweetstar

In this five minute video you will learn eight simple ways to leverage the power of Twitter for promoting your organization's cause and growing your visibility to new audiences. This video is…

Identifying Competencies for Nonprofit Leaders

This 38 minute recorded webinar is designed for nonprofit leaders and managers interested in leveraging a competency-based approach to developing their teams.

The S Word: In Pursuit of Sustainability

This recording is ideal for anyone new to financial management in nonprofits and individuals starting a nonprofit.

Fund the People Toolkit: The Case Making Collection

This 56-page guide provides comprehensive tools, resources and data to help you make cogent arguments for investing in nonprofit talent -customized to your particular context. Most nonprofit…

Storytelling and the Art of Email Writing

In this 16-page downloadable guide, you will learn about the Do’s and Don’ts of using stories in email fundraising campaigns. Stories can be compelling and very effective tools to propel…


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