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Here are some of the 400+ tools related to horsemanship


Showing Your Horse to Their Ability – Miranda Lyon

Miranda goes over her experience of showing her horse to their best ability, and knowing the strong and weak spots in her horse.

Horse and Herd Management Webinar ($40/$20)

Horse and Herd Management Webinar with Christy Landwehr - CEO for Certified Horsemanship Association

Managing A Hay Barn – Tom McCutcheon

Tom talks about managing his hay barn and what to be careful about when storing hay.

Trail Exercise – Will Knabenshue

Will goes over a basic trail exercise that he likes to do with all of his horses. The “Clover Exercise” can be performed at the walk, trot, and lope.

Tom McCutcheon Talks About His Horse Hero

Tom tells us about who his hero is in this “Ask Tom Anything” video.

The Equine Professional Manual - The Art of Teaching Riding - NEW! ($69.95/$32.95)

This 208 page manual is full of illustrations and photos that will help the professional riding instructor just starting out, as well as those that have been teaching for a long time.…

Tom McCutcheon – How to Grow Your Program

Tom McCutcheon gives us some tips on how to grow your program in this latest “Ask Tom Anything.” Check out Tom’s video!

Skid Boots – Tom McCutcheon

Tom talks about using skid boots during your ride.

Driving 101 DVD ($45/$34)

Driving 101: An introduction to the basics of equestrian driving. Become familiar with safely harnessing and hitching, learn all about ground driving, and pick up helpful tips for everything…

Exercises on Horseback

Horseback Riding Exercises to Improve Rider Position

Packer's Guide Book ($39.95)

This book is written as a packing course for horse or mule owners wanting to learn the skills of packing with stock. There is something for everyone, novice or experienced packers alike. The…

Keeping your Horse in the Spin – Joe Schmidt

Joe Schmidt of Schmidt Reining Horses in Pilot Point, Texas answers a user question about how to keep a horse in a spin when he wants to walk out or stop spinning.

Jimmy van der Hoeven Tells Us How to Start Turnarounds

A 6 ½ minute video on how to start turnarounds with young horses

Leg Positioning – Daniel Schloemer

Daniel Schloemer discusses the 3 main positions for your legs that should be used when directing your horse.

Changing Leads – Fred Thomsson

Fred teaches the difference between the right and left lead while in the lope. Fred also goes over how he teaches his horses to change leads and to keep them relaxed since this maneuver can…

Martingale Adjustment and Fit

This safety tip brought to you by the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) deals with correctly and safely fitting different types of martingales on your horse.

3 Ways to Wrap a Leg

Josh Rosenstrater shows 3 different ways to wrap a horse’s front legs with polo wraps.

Tom’s Tips: Straw vs Felt Hat

Brianna Sloan of Lucky Paint Custom Show Shirts gives information on what time of year you should wear a straw or felt hat.

Flex Test – Dr. Pat Garrett

Dr. Garrett speaks about what he looks for while a horse is going through a flex test.

Spring Shots – Dr. Pat Garret

Dr. Pat Garret from Pilot Point talks about the importance of regular seasonal shots for your horse.

How to Use a Mounting Block Safely and an Alternate "Leg Up"

This video will show how to safely get on a horse with a mounting block. It also demonstrates a unique way of helping riders get a "leg up" onto a horse. This method can be done with a large…

Teaching Techniques and Adding to Your Teaching Bags of Tricks DVD ($45/$34)

Adding to Your Teaching "Bag of Tricks": A practical, round table discussion of how to reach riders of various learning styles by increasing the arsenal of phrases and imagery stored in our…

What Kind of Maintenance Do You Use for Older Horses

At some point in our lives, we may all find ourselves needing to maintain an older horse. Do you have a plan for the different maintenance that older horses need? Tom McCutcheon talks with us…

Pete Kyle – Advice for Beginning Reiners

In this latest video from Pete Kyle, Pete gives his best advice for beginning reiners. Check out Pete’s video!

How to Properly Hold and Throw a Rope – Mozaun McKibben

Mozaun goes over how to hold and throw a rope while you are on your horse.

Recipient Mare and Foal – Barb Wibbles

Barb talks about a recipient mare and its recent foal, and the complications she faced with its birth.

Mathieu Buton – Collection

Mathieu Buton talks with us about collection, and shows us a few tips! Check out Mathieu’s video!

Colt Starting Part 6 – Sarah Dawson

Sarah goes over how she teaches her young horses how to move off of her legs, and how to not send your horse too many cues at once

Releasing a Horse in a Stall

Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) safety video on how to release a horse into a stall. CHA Master Instructor Teresa Kackert and Purebred Arabian mare Ditto star.

What to Put In & What to Put On: Joints

However, a  study in the Equine Veterinary Journal identified joint changes in a herd of wild mustangs, and the researchers concluded that the degenerative process occurs in all horses.…

Risk Management in a Horsemanship Program Webinar ($40/$20)

Become better prepareed to recognize and handle risk management in a Horsemanship program

Do You Prefer One Type of Horse Over Another

In our latest, “Ask Tom Anything” video, Tom talks with us about different types of horses and his personal preference. See if your preference matches up with Tom’s preference.

Long Lining and Double Lunging & Effective Groundwork DVD ($45/$34)

Long Lining & Double Lunging: Step-by-step process of teaching horses these skills in a calm, relaxed manner which can be invaluable in preparing a young horse for mounted work or developing…

Bit Adjustment

CHA Chief Executive Officer and Master Instructor/Clinician Christy Landwehr explains bit adjustment in horses for both leverage and direct pressure bits.

Measures you can take to prevent fires or lessen their impact.

If you ask a group of horse owners what safety issues scare them the most, a large number will tell you it’s the threat of a barn fire. There is nothing more devastating than losing horses…

How to Perform a Safety Tack Check

How-To Perform a Safety Check of a Horse Video: by the Certified Horsemanship Association


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