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Here are some of the 400+ tools related to horsemanship


Dragging an Arena – Luke Winter

Luke speaks about how to properly drag your arena and the benefits involved.

Danger Zones on the Ground

Learn the danger zones around a horse on the ground and how to use horse behavior to work around them safely.

Choosing Feed

Tom gives insight on how to choose the correct feed.

How to Mount and Dismount Correctly

How-To Mount a Horse Video: by the Certified Horsemanship Association

Introducing Your Horse to Fly Spray

Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) and Pyranha, Inc. bring you How To Introduce Your Horse to Fly Spray Safely with Teresa Kackert

Brian Bell – How to Teach Collection

Brian Bell shows us his key steps in teaching collection to a 2-year old. Check out Brian’s video!

Using Arena Equipment to Challenge All Levels & Building Rider Strength and Fitness Through Exercise

Using Arena Equipment to Challenge all Levels: Teaching a solid group lesson is important, especially if you have a variety of riding levels within one class. Specific exercises will be…

Trail Exercise – Will Knabenshue

Will goes over a basic trail exercise that he likes to do with all of his horses. The “Clover Exercise” can be performed at the walk, trot, and lope.

Reconditioning a Horse – Tom McCutcheon

Tom answers Debra’s question on how to recondition a horse after a few months of not being ridden.

Keeping Your Horse Safe While Properly Attaching Your Cinch – Mark Lyon

Mark gives a tip over how to keep your horse safe with properly attaching your cinch.

Getting on a Horse – Part Two

Miranda Lyon goes through step-by-step how she gets on one of her mustangs for the first time.

Measures you can take to prevent fires or lessen their impact.

If you ask a group of horse owners what safety issues scare them the most, a large number will tell you it’s the threat of a barn fire. There is nothing more devastating than losing horses…

Hard Tying a Horse Safely

This is a safety tip on how to safely hard tie your horse with a quick release knot brought to you by Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA). It will explain how short or long to tie, where…

Using Obstacles to Spice Up Lessons DVD ($45/$34)

Using obstacles gives students a reason to learn new skills and help them improve previously learned skills while having fun. How to Make Obstacles to Spice Up Your Lessons: In this informal…

Finding Dangerous Items in Hooves

Trent talks about finding a dangerous foreign object in your horse and how you should handle the situation until help arrives.

Packaging and Shipping Semen – Barb Wibbles

Barb shows you the packaging that is used while shipping cooled semen and how long the semen can be left in the package without decreasing in quality.

Moving the Horse’s Hip – Tom McCutcheon

Tom instructs on how and why he gains control of a horse’s hip.

Marketing that Works with Jordan Manfredi Webinar ($40/$20)

Stop wasting your time with marketing that just doesn't get the results you want

Driving 101 DVD ($45/$34)

Driving 101: An introduction to the basics of equestrian driving. Become familiar with safely harnessing and hitching, learn all about ground driving, and pick up helpful tips for everything…

Ttouch for Your Students & Feldenkraus Method DVD ($45/$34)

Ttouch for Your Students: As a Ttouch and Feldenkrais practitioner, Pamela Beets brings Linda Tellington-Jones’ Ttouch techniques to a practical level, teaching instructors how to utilize…

How to Perform a Safety Tack Check

How-To Perform a Safety Check of a Horse Video: by the Certified Horsemanship Association

Tom McCutcheon – Have You Ever Felt Like Quitting

As successful as Tom McCutcheon has become, we wondered if there was ever a time he had felt like quitting. Tom’s latest video is ready for your viewing.

Cleaning a Stall – Reed Kyle

Reed explains the basics of how to clean out a horse stall and the difference between good and bad shavings.

Jason Vanlandingham Talks About His Program for Teaching Lead Changes

We caught up with Jason Vanlandingham at his place in Texas for a set of training videos. Jason talks about and shows how he teaches lead changes in this video.

When to Start Working on a Cow – Teddy Johnson

Teddy speaks about when he likes to go from warming up his horses to when is a good time to start working a cow. Every horse is different and will usually brighten up when they first start to…

Centered Riding Workshop for Instructors DVD ($45/$34)

Centered Riding Workshop for Instructors: This practical two-part interactive session brings to life Sally Swift’s Centered Riding as presented by certified Centered Riding instructor Mitzi…

How to Keep your Horse From Running Off in a Circle

In this training video Joe discusses the correct way to stay in a circle without the horse coming out of or speeding up during the circle. This will include having to pull the horse in the…

Martin Muehlstaetter – Starting Back-Ups

Martin Muehlstaetter tells us and demonstrates how he starts teaching horses to back-up. Check out Martin’s video!

Colt Starting Part 6 – Sarah Dawson

Sarah goes over how she teaches her young horses how to move off of her legs, and how to not send your horse too many cues at once

Eventing Training Videos, from US Equestrian (USEF)

Several Eventing training videos presented by USEF (U.S. Equestrian Federation), including: Preparing for an Event, with Emma Ford; Eventing: Cross-Country Schooling Exercises, with Boyd…

Tom McCutcheon – How to Fix the Second Slow Down

What happens if you don’t have a good first slow down, how do you fix the second? Tom McCutcheon talks with us about how he fixes a mistake in the slow down. Check out Tom’s advice!

Horses and Hormones: What Mares Have Taught Us About Menopause Webinar ($40/$20)

Learn What Mares Have Taught Us About Menopause with Teresa Knight - Chief Medical Officer for Women's Health Specialists of Saint Louis

Consistent Stops – Dell Hendricks

Dell answers Michelle’s question about how to be more consistent while stopping.

How to Saddle a Horse Correctly (English saddle)

Safely Saddling with an English Saddle by Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA)

Catching a Horse in a Herd

This video will show how to safely and effectively catch a horse in a herd. It will talk about horse herd dynamics, pecking order, how to halter and lead correctly and much more!

Halter Horse Conformation – Ted Turner

Ted Turner talks about what he looks for in a halter horse.


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