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Here are some of the 400+ tools related to horsemanship


Arena Screens – Tom McCutcheon

Tom talks about the screens that he puts down during winter to keep his arena warmer, and to keep the wind down.

Different Rein Holds

This video will demonstrate different horseback riding rein holds. Each is used based on the experience of the horse, the experience of the rider, bit, discipline and goals. The different…

The Equine Professional Manual - The Art of Teaching Riding - NEW! ($69.95/$32.95)

This 208 page manual is full of illustrations and photos that will help the professional riding instructor just starting out, as well as those that have been teaching for a long time.…

Tom McCutcheon – Would He Try Any Horse

Tom McCutcheon talks with us on whether he would try any horse, regardless of breeding in this latest Ask Tom Anything. Check out Tom’s video!

Pivot Foot While Spinning – Tom McCutcheon

Tom talks about the pivot foot on the horse while spinning and how it has changed over the past 20 years.

Exercises for Horses That Suck Back in Their Spin – Pete Kyle

Pete goes over what to do when a horse sucks back in their spins.

Bucking Horse – Mark Lyon

Mark talks about a young horse that bucks, and what he has seen and found in horses that buck.

Therapeutic Riding I and II ($73.95)

Divided into separate volumes, the first deals with issues of primary interest to instructors, administrators, volunteers, and horse trainers. Volume two presents topics relating to the use…

Fitting Boots - Sports Medicine Boots, Split Boots and Bell Boots

This safety tip brought to you by the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) deals with correctly and safely fitting sports medicine boots, bell boots and split boots on your horse.

Tom McCutcheon – Will This Be a Big Time Horse

With the NRHA Futurity beginning today, everyone is hoping their hard work and training produces the next “big time horse.” How can you tell if your horse has the right stuff? Tom…

Colt Starting Part 7 – Sarah Dawson

Sarah goes over what you should expect the first time you ride a young horse. Sarah teams up with Austin and shows you how to work a colt around with two people compared to one.

Body Condition Scoring DVD ($45/$34)

The system of evaluating animal body conditions has been used by livestock producers for a long time. The more popular system used in the horse industry is the Henneke System first presented…

Martin Muehlstaetter – Starting Turnarounds

Martin Muehlstaetter demonstrates how he starts teaching turnarounds. Check out Martin’s video!

Choosing a Stud – Barb Wibbles

Barb gives great information and how to properly go about finding a stud.

Individual Level Manuals - LEVEL 3 ($24.95/$14.95)

Level 3 - Horse behavior, equipment, bits and bitting, horse care, breeds, rein aids, natural aids, improving the canter/lope, bareback, leads, transitions, school figures, turn backs, jumping.

Tom McCutcheon – Stay Focused

Tom McCutcheon talks about how he stays focused in this latest “Ask Tom Anything” video! Check out Tom’s video!

Using Arena Equipment to Challenge All Levels & Building Rider Strength and Fitness Through Exercise

Using Arena Equipment to Challenge all Levels: Teaching a solid group lesson is important, especially if you have a variety of riding levels within one class. Specific exercises will be…

Working with a Wild Mustang – Mark Lyon

Mark works with a wild mustang that has only been handled a few times.

How to Fit a Helmet for Horseback Riding

CHA, Certified Horsemanship Association, Julie Goodnight, riding helmet fit, horseback riding helmets

Hard Tying a Horse Safely

This is a safety tip on how to safely hard tie your horse with a quick release knot brought to you by Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA). It will explain how short or long to tie, where…

Show Jumping Training Videos, from US Equestrian (USEF)

Several Show Jumping training videos presented by USEF (U.S. Equestrian Federation), including: Gaining Control After the Fence, by Beezie Madden; Riding a Winning Jump-Off, by Laura Kraut;…

Tips for keeping your free arm still

Debbie Brown provides useful tips in this 3-minute video.

Teaching a Horse to Sidepass

Tom McCutcheon demonstrates how to teach a horse side passing

Tom McCutcheon – How to Fix the Second Slow Down

What happens if you don’t have a good first slow down, how do you fix the second? Tom McCutcheon talks with us about how he fixes a mistake in the slow down. Check out Tom’s advice!

Mathieu Buton – Speed Control

Mathieu Buton talks and shows us how he controls his horses’ speed. Check out Mathieu’s video!

Tom McCutcheon – One Do-Over With a Horse

Have you ever wanted to go back in time and take your skills and knowledge you have now and apply them to a horse from your past? Well, that’s what Tom McCutcheon talks with us about in…

Skid Boots – Tom McCutcheon

Tom talks about using skid boots during your ride.

What I Look for in an Employee – Tom McCutcheon

Integrity. The biggest characteristic that Tom McCutcheon looks for in an employee. Tom talks about other characteristics he values in an employee as well in this latest Ask Tom Anything…

Matching Pad to Your Horse – Brianna Sloan

Brianna of Lucky Paint Show Shirts gives you the info on how to match your horse’s pad to their color.

Trail with Will Knabenshue- Cloverleaf Exercise

Will goes over how he works his younger and older horses through a 12 x 12 box. This exercise will help teach your horse guide and go through the box with the correct amount of steps at the…

Good Jumping Form and Safety & Different Jumping Releases DVD ($45/$34)

Good Jumping Form and Safety: Explore different flatwork exercises, ground pole drills, and jumping gymnastics and courses to help your riders succeed.

Shoe Types Part One – Trent Wargo

Trent goes into detail about various shoes used for Reining Horses.

Tom McCutcheon – How to Stay at This Level

Tom McCutcheon has been competing at the highest level for years. How does he do it? Tom gives his tips for staying and competing at the higher levels. Check out Tom’s video!

Fashion Faux Pas – Brianna Sloan

Brianna recounts a few of the Faux Pas she has seen in the show pen.

Recipient Mare and Foal – Barb Wibbles

Barb talks about a recipient mare and its recent foal, and the complications she faced with its birth.


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