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Here are some of the 400+ tools related to horsemanship


What to do if things feel like they’re falling apart at the horse show.

Tom McCutcheon talks about what to do when things start falling apart when at a horse show.

Getting on a Horse – Part One

Mark Lyon goes over a basic tip on how to get onto a colt that is new to being ridden.

Abby Lengel – Key Steps to Teaching Collection

Abby Lengel talks with and shows us her key steps for teaching collection! Do you use the same steps? Check out Abby’s video!

CHA Composite Horsemanship Manual ($69.95/$32.95)

Written by 30 professional horsemanship instructors from the United States and Canada. This four level manual contains a complete program for all levels of riders, wiht many illustrations by…

Choosing the best air purifier

For full details, please link to the class description.

What is CHA?

Find out more about the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) and how it can benefit you as an equestrian.

Vaulting: My Sport-Video ($45/$34)

Including a history of vaulting: a look at all the compulsory movements; exercises to do on the ground, on the barrel and on the horse as well as inspiring footage of vaulting routines…

Working with a Wild Mustang – Mark Lyon

Mark works with a wild mustang that has only been handled a few times.

Tips for keeping your free arm still

Debbie Brown provides useful tips in this 3-minute video.

Martingale Adjustment and Fit

This safety tip brought to you by the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) deals with correctly and safely fitting different types of martingales on your horse.

Romel Reins – Debbie Brown

NRHA Professional Trainer Debbie Brown talks about using romel reins on a reining horse and the benefits that can come from using romel reins and the maneuvers it can help.

Teaching Your Horse to Guide Part 2 – Billy Williams

In Part 2 of teaching your horse to guide, Billy shows you a few exercises that he does to soften the horses face to be able to guide better. Billy also shows you how he gets his horses to…

Properly Cinching Your Saddle – Barbara Williams

Trainer Barbara Williams goes into detail the proper way to cinch a horse so your horse is comfortable and does not get “cinchie”. She also gives some tips to follow that will take the…

How to Mount and Dismount Correctly

How-To Mount a Horse Video: by the Certified Horsemanship Association

Tom McCutcheon – Would You Go Back to Level 1

Tom McCutcheon discusses why he would never go back to L1. Check out Tom’s video!

Bucking Horse – Mark Lyon

Mark talks about a young horse that bucks, and what he has seen and found in horses that buck.

IRS Looks for Nine Things in an Equine Business Webinar ($40/$20)

Learn about the Nine Things the IRS Looks for in Your Horse Business

Keeping Your Horse’s Shoulders up While Working a Cow – Teddy Johnson

Teddy thinks that it is important to keep the horses shoulders up when his horses are working a cow. Teddy shows you some exercises on how he keeps the shoulders up and the benefits of the…

Brian Bell – How to Teach Collection

Brian Bell shows us his key steps in teaching collection to a 2-year old. Check out Brian’s video!

Warming Up – Tom McCutcheon

Tom goes over how he warms up his horses before he starts to work them.

Transitioning from 2 to 3 Year Old – Daniel Schloemer

Daniel talks about the progress a 2 year old horse has made coming into its 3 year old year, and what it might still need to work on.

Halter Horse Conformation – Ted Turner

Ted Turner talks about what he looks for in a halter horse.

Trevor Dare, Associate Trainer at Xtra Quarter Horses, gives tips on speeding up your spins, Part 2

Trevor picks up where we left off in this second installment of how to speed up your spins. Part 2 of 2.

Tom McCutcheon – How to Build a Facility

Tom McCutcheon talks with us on most important factors to build a facility. Check out Tom’s video!

Dragging an Arena – Luke Winter

Luke speaks about how to properly drag your arena and the benefits involved.

How to Keep your Motivation High

For full details, please link to the class description.

Tom’s Tips – Post Tying

Tom’s quick tips on tying your horse to a post or fence.

Mare Palpation – Barb Wibbles

Barb narrates the process and importance of palpating the mares.

Stopping and Running Down to Your Stop – Ruben Vandorp

Ruben speaks about how he teaches his horses to stop and make a big move without going fast. Ruben also goes over about running down to the stops, and how to keep the horse comfortable while…

Part 2 Training Your Horse to Spin – Tom McCutcheon

Tom follows up Lesson 1 with details on how to further get your horse started on spinning.

Leg Positioning – Daniel Schloemer

Daniel Schloemer discusses the 3 main positions for your legs that should be used when directing your horse.

Holding Western Reins – Barbara Williams

Barbara, walks through the basics of holding western reins.

Matching Pad to Your Horse – Brianna Sloan

Brianna of Lucky Paint Show Shirts gives you the info on how to match your horse’s pad to their color.

What to Look For in a Reining Prospect

Tom McCutcheon discusses what should be considered when purchasing a reining prospect.

Loading a Horse Safely into a Trailer

Dononvan Dobbs describes how to safely load and unload a horse from a two horse slant load trailer.


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