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Here are some of the 400+ tools related to horsemanship


Yonathan Baruch – Collection – Part 2

Yonathan is back, on a three-year-old, in his second video on collection. Check out Yonathan’s video!

Using a Curb Chain – Tom McCutcheon

Tom discusses the reasons to use a curb chain and the types of curb chains he likes to use.

Introducing Your Horse to a Fly Mask

Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) presents How to Introduce Your Horse to a Fly Mask with Ashleigh Hamill

Fitting a Hat – Bobbie Gough

Bobbie of Shorty’s Hattery goes through the steps of how she fits a hat.

Horse Packing by Dusty Johnson ($22.95)

A valuable book about the world of horse packing which contains excellent tools and techniques that will make your trail riding efficient and safe. Written by an internationally recognized…

Safely Leading

Tips on leading a horse the proper and safe way.

Driving 101 DVD ($45/$34)

Driving 101: An introduction to the basics of equestrian driving. Become familiar with safely harnessing and hitching, learn all about ground driving, and pick up helpful tips for everything…

Best Lectures on Surgery for Medical Students

For full details, please link to the class description.

Dismounting – Barbara Williams

Barbara demonstrates how to properly dismount. She also goes through various safety tips and suggestions for dismounting.

Fashion Illustration: Digital Drawing with Attitude

For full details, please link to the class description.

Saddle Fit Solutions for Group Riding Programs DVD ($45/$34)

A take-home application of saddle fit principals for both horse and rider with a focus on adaptation for group riding programs. "Hands-on" process using western saddles.

Individual Level Manuals - LEVEL 1 ($24.95/$14.95)

Level 1 Horse sense, rules for safe riding, parts of the horse and tack, approaching, leading, grooming, saddling and bridling, mounting and dismounting, basic seat and hand position, basic…

Trevor Dare, Associate Trainer at Xtra Quarter Horses, gives tips on his method for speeding up spin

After winning the 2008 NRHA Limited Open Reining Futurity, Trevor Dare decided to become a professional in a meteoric rise to the top of the reining world. He has been a contender in top Open…

Teaching Your Horse to Side-pass – Tom McCutcheon

Tom answers Rhonda’s question about how to teach a horse to side-pass.

Improve Backing Up – Daniel Schloemer

A little further from the basics, Daniel shows you how to improve upon backing up your horse.

Matching Pad to Your Horse – Brianna Sloan

Brianna of Lucky Paint Show Shirts gives you the info on how to match your horse’s pad to their color.

Developing the Rider’s Seat and Quick Corrections for Position DVD ($45/$34)

Developing the Rider's Seat: Exercises to help students improve their communication with the horse primarily using their seat. Quick Corrections: Develop your eye to find the root cause of…

Movavi Tutorial, Full Course. Learn Video Editing FAST!

For full details, please link to the class description.

Reading Horse Behavior

CHA Instructor Dale Rudin explains reading horse behavior in this educational tip by Certified Horsemanship Association

Versatility Ranch Horse – Mozaun McKibben

Moazun talks about the Versatility Ranch Horse and what he looks for in a horse to be able to compete and be successful in this discipline. Mozaun also talks about how he gets his horses…

Tom McCutcheon – Would He Try Any Horse

Tom McCutcheon talks with us on whether he would try any horse, regardless of breeding in this latest Ask Tom Anything. Check out Tom’s video!

Using Arena Equipment to Challenge All Levels & Building Rider Strength and Fitness Through Exercise

Using Arena Equipment to Challenge all Levels: Teaching a solid group lesson is important, especially if you have a variety of riding levels within one class. Specific exercises will be…

Introducing Your Horse to Fly Spray

Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) and Pyranha, Inc. bring you How To Introduce Your Horse to Fly Spray Safely with Teresa Kackert

Using Arena Equipment to Challenge All Levels & Building Rider Strength and Fitness Through Exercise

Using Arena Equipment to Challenge all Levels: Teaching a solid group lesson is important, especially if you have a variety of riding levels within one class.

Leslie Bingham – How to Increase Speed in Turnarounds

Leslie Bingham talks and shows us her tips for speeding up the turnarounds! Check out Leslie’s video!

What to Put In & What to Put On: Joints

However, a  study in the Equine Veterinary Journal identified joint changes in a herd of wild mustangs, and the researchers concluded that the degenerative process occurs in all horses.…

Sword Slash Animation

For full details, please link to the class description.

Keeping your Horse in the Spin – Joe Schmidt

Joe Schmidt of Schmidt Reining Horses in Pilot Point, Texas answers a user question about how to keep a horse in a spin when he wants to walk out or stop spinning.

Shoe Types Part One – Trent Wargo

Trent goes into detail about various shoes used for Reining Horses.

Colt Starting Part 7 – Sarah Dawson

Sarah goes over what you should expect the first time you ride a young horse. Sarah teams up with Austin and shows you how to work a colt around with two people compared to one.

Equistretch Video-Level Two ($39.95/$34.95)

Equi-Stretch® Strengthening and Stretching Techniques Level Two is a specialized extension of the concepts introduced in volume one, Strengthening and Stretching Techniques for the Rider.

Part 1 Training Your Horse to Spin – Tom McCutcheon

Tom goes through the basics to start teaching your horse to spin.

Use Ground Poles and Cones & Improve Responsiveness and Balance DVD ($45/$34)

Using Ground Poles & Cones to Improve Riding: Take home useful exercises for all levels of riders in all disciplines with the use of arena props such as ground poles and cones.

Eventing Training Videos, from US Equestrian (USEF)

Several Eventing training videos presented by USEF (U.S. Equestrian Federation), including: Preparing for an Event, with Emma Ford; Eventing: Cross-Country Schooling Exercises, with Boyd…

Importance of Routine – Ted Turner

Champion Halter Horse Trainer, Ted Turner, talks about his training routine and the importance of a constant schedule.

Romel Reins – Debbie Brown

NRHA Professional Trainer Debbie Brown talks about using romel reins on a reining horse and the benefits that can come from using romel reins and the maneuvers it can help.


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