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Basic Steps In Retirement Planning

Learn about the nature of retirement in Singapore and some basic steps you can take to prepare for retirement.

Nonprofit Managers: Getting Ready for Performance Reviews

In this 40 minute curriculum, you will be introduced on how to prepare yourself and employees for performance reviews. You will learn how to structure meaningful discusions with your…

How to Paint a Cat in Watercolor in Easy Steps

Cats can be difficult subjects. I will teach you to paint a cat in watercolor(from a photo). We will go over watercolor techniques, color, brush techniques and painting fur. You will come…

Курс политического образования Citizen+

Курс состоит из 5 модулей по базовым принципам демократии, выборном процессе, гражданском контроле и…

Introduction to Mystery Shopping!

A quick and effective guide to become a mystery shopper.

Let's begin Angular 8 with Decent Project

Angular 2, Angular 6, Angular 7, Angular 8, Overview, for Beginners & Dummies, Free Project



Preparing and Structuring an Oral Presentation

This 40-minute online course is designed for any professional seeking to improve their public speaking skills.

Introduction to R

Students will get an introduction to the R coding language with this free online introduction to R course.

Conhecendo a Área de Jogos Digitais

Entendendo o básico da Indústria do Entretenimento Interativo Digital

Crash Course in Accounting - URDU

Beginner's guide to the principles of Accounting and Financial Reporting

Introduction to Legal Concepts

Learn the basics of legal concepts like courts, trials, law, crime, and legal terminology with this free online course.

After Effects Essentials: Complete VFX and Motion GFX Guide

Your complete guide to create amazing Visual Effects and Motion Graphics using Adobe After Effects CC 2017.

Sanal sınıf uygulamalarını kullanmayı öğreniyorum

Online Eğitim Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, ClassDojo , Kahoot, Google Meets Uygulamaları.

Créez votre blog vous même facilement

Réalisez votre blog professionnel en moins d'une heure

Confidently Plan, Write, and Present Your Message Now!

I help you prepare your outline, compose your speech, and capture your audience in less than an hour

A Compact Guide To Creating A Profitable Online Course

Learn How To Plan Out & Create A Profitable Online Course in Under 24 Hours That People Actually Want To Buy

Modern Greek Pronunciation

Learn to speak clear Greek, even you have no idea what you're saying

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