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Here are some of the 400+ free classes related to non-profit entities


The Nonprofit Ready Podcast: Pat Ross, Team Rubicon

This 30 minute podcast is designed for nonprofit professionals interested in volunteer management.

The Secret Powers of Time

In this 11-minute video, renowned psychologist Professor Philip Zimbardo explains how our individual perspectives of time affect our work, health and well-being.

PowerPoint 2016 - Modifying and Formatting Slides

In this 1-hour online course, you will learn how to set up a basic presentation, ordering a sequence of slides and applying a presentation theme and slide layout. You'll also learn how to add…

What Are Security and Privacy

What Are Security and Privacy. Tagged as: Compliance, Security

Fix Simple Security Mistakes

Fix Simple Security Mistakes. Tagged as: Compliance, Security

What Is a Firewall

What Is a Firewall. Tagged as: Compliance, Security

Handling Stress

This 15-minute online course is designed for anyone seeking to reduce the negative effects of stress.

Professional Networking Essentials: Finding Opportunities To Make Connections

In this 1-hour online course, you will learn the basics of establishing a flourishing network of professional relationships such as choosing the proper venue to developing mingling skills for…

An Appreciation of Depreciation

In this three minute video, you will learn how funding depreciation works. When a nonprofit organization owns a piece of equipment or property that they are going to use over a long period of…

Preparing for Next Year… Today

This 7 minute video is designed for nonprofit managers responsible for administering performance reviews.

Capital Supports Mission

This 1-hour recorded webinar is designed to show the necessary connection between your mission and your business model.

The Power to Create

In this four minute video, Matthew Taylor, the chief executive of the RSA, offers a vision for the future - a world where every individual has the freedom and opportunity to develop their…

Getting Foundation Grants: Research & Resources

This 50 minute recorded webinar is designed for nonprofit professionals responsible for identifying and securing grants.

PowerPoint 2013 - Creating Presentations

In this 1-hour online course, you will learn the main components of the PowerPoint 2013 interface, covering opening and saving a presentation, working with slides, formatting text and text…

David Brooks on Character in the Selfie Age

In this three and half minute video, popular New York Times columnist David Brooks argues that meaning and moral value are losing out in a world of ‘me me me’. A witty and powerful look…

Preventing Burnout

In this 6-page document Dr. Laurie Anne Pearlman offers strategies for both individuals and organizations on how to help resist burnout. This material is useful for humanitarian aid and…

Tech-Savvy Communications: A Toolkit for Nonprofits

The Tech-Savvy Communications toolkit, released by NPower Seattle, is a practical, interactive guide that will help you develop and effective message for your nonprofit, offers you…

Being an Effective Team Member

In this 1-hour course, you will learn that being an effective team member involves putting the team first and setting aside personal desires and goals. By maximizing your contributions to the…

Interpersonal Communication: Listening Essentials

In this 1-hour online course, you will learn the fundamentals of active listening that include: focusing your attention completely on the speaker, listening carefully for meaning, then…

Outlook 2010 - Getting Started

In this 1-hour online course you will learn the basic features and functionality of Outlook 2010, including an introduction to the redesigned interface, how to create e-mail messages, and…

Joe Gebbia: How Airbnb Designs for Trust

This 16-minute video is designed for anyone interested in approaching problems from a different perspective. Joe Gebbia, the co-founder of Airbnb, bet his whole company on the belief that…

Using E-mail and Instant Messaging Effectively

In this 1-hour online course, you will learn the tried-and-true guidelines for effectively using e-mail and instant messaging so your message is communicated quickly, concisely, and appropriately.

Excel 2016 - Essentials: Charts, Tables, and Images

In this 1-hour online course, you will learn how to effectively use and customize tables and charts in Excel 2016. You will also learn how to use headers and footers to add additional…

Google Presentations: 02-Working with Images, Video and Tables, Animating Slide Elements, Collaborat

This 1 hour 15-minute online course details the different features available in Google Presentations. This is part two of a two part course series.

Measuring Success - How to Evaluate Your Volunteer Program

This 15 minute recorded webinar is designed for anyone responsible for managing and promoting their nonprofit's use of volunteers.

Recorded Webinar: Advancing your Humanitarian Career in an Age of Professionalization

Dr. Alexander van Tulleken, Academic Director of Fordham University's Institute for International Humanitarian Affairs, discusses how humanitarians can best advance their careers in an…

The 12 Guidelines of Effective Time Management

This 15-minute online course is designed for anyone seeking to develop strategies to save time.

Developing Logframes

In this 30-minute course, you will receive an explanation of a key element of program design, monitoring and evaluation: the logical framework or logframe. Learn what logframes are, why they…

Google Intelligence (alerts): Does your Google Analytics account have a Watchdog?

This 5 minute video is designed for anyone responsible for managing their nonprofit's Google Analytics.

Time Management: Planning and Prioritizing Your Time

In this 1-hour online course, you will learn how to better manage your time by analyzing your goals, breaking those goals into tasks, and then prioritizing those tasks.

Word 2013 - Performing Basic Tasks

This course offers learners the opportunity to earn 1 credit toward NASBA’s Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program.

Unlocking Google Ad Grants

This curriculum is best-suited for those who work on marketing, fundraising, and volunteerism efforts.

Finding Your Element

In this 3-minute video, philosopher and educator Sir Ken Robinson discusses why organizations and communities need to be built on a model of diversity rather than conformity, so that every…

Better Selecting and Onboarding Volunteers

This 65 minute recorded webinar is designed for anyone responsible for recruiting, onboarding, and managing volunteers.

Growth is Not Enough

In this 4-minute video, Kate Raworth, a renegade economist teaching at Oxford University, discusses how our politicians are hung up on keeping the growth curve rising. But does GDP really…

Recorded Webinar: Social Media in Emergencies

Timo Luege from Social Media for Good (http://sm4good.com/) explores how social media can be used by NGOs and humanitarian organizations before and during emergencies.


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