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Here are some of the 400+ tools related to horsemanship


Trevor Dare, Associate Trainer at Xtra Quarter Horses, gives tips on speeding up your spins, Part 2

Trevor picks up where we left off in this second installment of how to speed up your spins. Part 2 of 2.

Bit Adjustment

CHA Chief Executive Officer and Master Instructor/Clinician Christy Landwehr explains bit adjustment in horses for both leverage and direct pressure bits.

Brian Bell – How to Maintain Smooth Transitions

Brian Bell gives us his insights on how to create smooth transitions in this latest training video! Check it out!

What to do if things feel like they’re falling apart at the horse show.

Tom McCutcheon talks about what to do when things start falling apart when at a horse show.

Franco Bertolani – How to Count Spins

Franco Bertolani gives us his advice on how he counts his spins! Check out Franco’s video!

Matching Pad to Your Horse – Brianna Sloan

Brianna of Lucky Paint Show Shirts gives you the info on how to match your horse’s pad to their color.

Casey Deary – Teaching the Stop and Deaf Horse Tip 1

Casey Deary talks and shows us his first steps in teaching the stop and how he trains deaf horses. Check out Casey’s video!

The Emergency Dismount

Learn how to safely and correctly do an emergency dismount if needed off a horse.

Keeping a Horse Quiet While in the Middle of the Pen – Dell Hendricks

Dell answers Barbara’s question on what to do to keep her horse quiet in the middle of the pen and before she is about to spin.

Reading Horse Behavior

CHA Instructor Dale Rudin explains reading horse behavior in this educational tip by Certified Horsemanship Association

Freeing up your Horses Front-End While Stopping – Pete Kyle

Pete shows you exercises that he incorporates into his training that helps engage his horses shoulders and keeps them up while they are loping.

Driving 101 DVD ($45/$34)

Driving 101: An introduction to the basics of equestrian driving. Become familiar with safely harnessing and hitching, learn all about ground driving, and pick up helpful tips for everything…

Tom McCutcheon – Butt Chapped

With all the riding Tom McCutcheon does, how does he keep from getting his butt chapped? Tom answers this in the latest “Ask Tom Anything” video.

Mathieu Buton – Speed Control

Mathieu Buton talks and shows us how he controls his horses’ speed. Check out Mathieu’s video!

How to Fit a Rope Halter

This video will explain how to correctly put on and fit a rope halter on a horse.

How Has Reining Changed in the Last 20 Years

In this “Ask Tom Anything,” Tom McCutcheon talks to us about how reining has changed over the last 20 years.

Saddle Fit Solutions for Group Riding Programs DVD ($45/$34)

A take-home application of saddle fit principals for both horse and rider with a focus on adaptation for group riding programs. "Hands-on" process using western saddles.

Warming Up – Tom McCutcheon

Tom goes over how he warms up his horses before he starts to work them.

Martin Muehlstaetter – Starting Turnarounds

Martin Muehlstaetter demonstrates how he starts teaching turnarounds. Check out Martin’s video!

Working a Young Horse on a Flag – Teddy Johnson

Teddy explains how he gets a young horse to work on a flag.

Therapeutic Riding II Strategies for Rehabilitation ($59.95)

This manual covers the use of the horse to treat individuals with disabilities and contains the essays related to intervention in occupational and physical therapy, speech and language…

First Day with Foal – Barb Wibbles

Barb discusses her procedures on what she typically does right after a foal is born.

Insurance for Equine Businesses Webinar ($40/$20)

Learn about Insurance for the Private Horse Owner and the Equine Professionale

Mounting from Block – Barbara Williams

Barbara share the basics of how to mount your horse from a mounting block.

Tom McCutcheon – Will This Be a Big Time Horse

With the NRHA Futurity beginning today, everyone is hoping their hard work and training produces the next “big time horse.” How can you tell if your horse has the right stuff? Tom…

Artificial Insemination – Barb Wibbles

Barbs talks about using artificial insemination (A.I.) how and why most people us A.I. in the quarter horse industry instead of breeding by a live cover.

Transitions to Improve Lightness & Feeling and Correcting Balance DVD ($45/$34)

Transitions to Improve Lightness: Learn how to use transitions to create a more responsive and lighter horse, ultimately creating a true harmonious working partnership between horse and rider.

How to Fit a Helmet for Horseback Riding

CHA, Certified Horsemanship Association, Julie Goodnight, riding helmet fit, horseback riding helmets

Why is My Horse Rearing with Warwick Schiller

This horse training video is applicable to riders of all disciplines but should be of particular interest to those experiencing issues with horses rearing.

R is for Rehab

Mandy McCutcheon and Emily Moylan give us a behind-the-scenes look at Tom McCutcheon Reining Horses, which is home to the Equine Spa and Rehabilitation Center, a state-of-the-art rehab…

Jumping Basics & Jumping Gymnastics DVD ($45/$34)

Jumping Basics: This beginner's jumping session covers two-point and half seat positions, jumping exercises, trot pole exercises, and introduction to grid work.

Dental Care for the Older Horse & Bits and Bitting DVD ($45/$34)

Dental Care: Includes a discussion of the normal aging process of the equine dentition, various conditions, and care for the aging horse's teeth. Bits and Bitting: Features a hands-on…

Police Academy Training and Mental Preparation for the Rider DVD ($45/$34)

Police Academy Training: The horses and student trainers from Asbury University demonstrate training techniques starting from the ground to train and prepare young horses as police mounts.

Rating a Pole – Will Knabenshue

Will goes over the scoring of a trail class while they are showing, and then goes into rating a horse to a pole.

Sample 15 minute lesson First Trot #2

This is a sample first trot lessons for beginner horseback riding students demonstrating the 15 minute lesson format used by participants during a Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA)…

Horse Vital Signs and How to Take Them

This video will explain equine vital signs, how to take them safely, what the ranges should be for each and much more!


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