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Special Events

Here you will find a special upcoming events offered at a special price exclusively at GlobalSparksRead more
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GoGLOBAL Business School Online

GoGLOBAL Business School Online offers several series of powerful live and recorded events.Read more
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DISC: Tools for understanding self & others

 A special educational track dedicated to the worldclass DISC profiling process, including Assessments, E-books,...Read more
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General business-related courses, ebooks, trainings and events are presented in this category.Read more
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Marketing-related courses, training and events are listed in this category.Read more
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Personal Development

You will find Personal Development and Self-improvement courses, ebooks, training and events in this category.Read more


While this category is being populated by courses related to creation, invention, development, design, etc., you can...Read more

Health & Fitness

While this category is being populated by courses related to general health and fitness, you can search among 650+...Read more
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This category is only for testing different elements of the GlobalSparks platform.Read more