Accredited Programs

Accredited Programs for students, entrepreneurs, workers, managers to support their need & desire to improve knowledge and expertise in specific areas.  Courses available individually, or part of Accredited Programs at discounted price.


13 Courses

Administrative Skills Program

Accredited Program built on the fact that professional office admin is at the heart of every successful organisation.

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17 Courses

Career Development Program

Accredited Program covering fundamental quality career development of competencies and skills.

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28 Courses

Entrepreneurship Essentials

A Series of 27 courses makes this Entrepreneurship Essentials Accredited Program a valuable asset with lasting effects.

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24 Courses

Human Resources Program

Accredited Program offering essential tools for management roles in human resources, recruitment, risk mngt, etc.

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25 Courses

Personal Development Program

Accredited Program supporting potential & talents, identity & awareness, aspirations & dreams, life quality.

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26 Courses

Sales & Marketing

Accredited Program focusing on the alignment of your marketing strategy with your business goals.

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18 Courses

Supervisors & Managers Program

Accredited Program with real-world knowledge & skills for immediate use to help become a more efficient supervisor.

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21 Courses

Workplace Essentials Program

Accredited Program to help you build, develop and hone the essential skills needed in today’s dynamic workforce.

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