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Here are some of the 400+ tools related to horsemanship


Aspects and Answer-Cheff Center ($55.95)

This manual is for Therapeutic Horseback Riding Programs and is designed to encompass all facets of program development, implementation and continuance. It provides substantial guidelines for…

Should I Tie Up My Horse

Tom talks about how it is perfectly okay to tie-up your horse and when is not a good time to do it.

Use Ground Poles and Cones & Improve Responsiveness and Balance DVD ($45/$34)

Using Ground Poles & Cones to Improve Riding: Take home useful exercises for all levels of riders in all disciplines with the use of arena props such as ground poles and cones.

Using Arena Equipment to Challenge All Levels & Building Rider Strength and Fitness Through Exercise

Using Arena Equipment to Challenge all Levels: Teaching a solid group lesson is important, especially if you have a variety of riding levels within one class. Specific exercises will be…

Exercises on Horseback

Horseback Riding Exercises to Improve Rider Position

Horses and Hormones: What Mares Have Taught Us About Menopause Webinar ($40/$20)

Learn What Mares Have Taught Us About Menopause with Teresa Knight - Chief Medical Officer for Women's Health Specialists of Saint Louis

Getting started with horses, from US Equestrian (USEF)

Several videos on how to get started with horse, presented by USEF (U.S. Equestrian Federation), including: Basic Horse Anatomy, with Dr. Liz Barrett; Your First Riding Lesson, with Elaine…

Managing A Hay Barn – Tom McCutcheon

Tom talks about managing his hay barn and what to be careful about when storing hay.

Vaulting: My Sport-Video ($45/$34)

Including a history of vaulting: a look at all the compulsory movements; exercises to do on the ground, on the barrel and on the horse as well as inspiring footage of vaulting routines…

Josh Tishman – How to Correctly Fit a Bit

Josh Tishman talks with and shows us how to correctly fit a bit and bridle in this latest training video. Check out Josh’s video!

Tom McCutcheon – Would You Go Back to Level 1

Tom McCutcheon discusses why he would never go back to L1. Check out Tom’s video!

Braiding a Tail – Tom McCutcheon

Tom talks about why they braid their horses tails and shows you a simple way to do it.

Every Time Every Ride Video ($16.95)

Twenty Two minutes in length with graphic footage of sudden horse related falls. Scientific research data and interviews with riders.

Tom McCutcheon – Will This Be a Big Time Horse

With the NRHA Futurity beginning today, everyone is hoping their hard work and training produces the next “big time horse.” How can you tell if your horse has the right stuff? Tom…

Path To Leadership Mastery : The Confidence Quotient

For full details, please link to the class description.

Teaching Your Horse to Guide Part 1 – Billy Williams

Billy goes over how he teaches his horses guide with two hands and one hand. Billy explains why he wants his horses to be light and responsive to the reins when you teach your horse to guide…

Partnership with Your Horse – Mark Lyon

Mark talks about the partnership of a horse and rider, and using a horses and persons ability together to achieve greater results.

Working with a Wild Mustang – Mark Lyon

Mark works with a wild mustang that has only been handled a few times.

What to Look For In A First Reiner

Tom McCutcheon discusses what should be considered when purchasing a reiner for the first time.

Mounting from Block – Barbara Williams

Barbara share the basics of how to mount your horse from a mounting block.

Choosing a Bit – Tom McCutcheon

Tom takes you through his choice of bits for the various stages of training.

Lesson Exercises for Various Level Riders & Lunge Line Exercises DVD ($45/$34)

Lesson Exercises for Various Level Riders: Teaching group lessons to riders with a wide range of riding abilities is always a challenge.

Halter Choice

Tom answers Becky’s question about choices of halters for her horse.

Tom’s Tips: Straw vs Felt Hat

Brianna Sloan of Lucky Paint Custom Show Shirts gives information on what time of year you should wear a straw or felt hat.

Equistretch Video-Level Two ($39.95/$34.95)

Equi-Stretch® Strengthening and Stretching Techniques Level Two is a specialized extension of the concepts introduced in volume one, Strengthening and Stretching Techniques for the Rider.

Traveling with Leg Wraps

Sam writes in asking about using leg wraps when traveling with your horses.

Body Position – Teddy Johnson

Teddy speaks about his body position while he is working a horse and where you should sit in your saddle.

Tom McCutcheon – How to Grow Your Program

Tom McCutcheon gives us some tips on how to grow your program in this latest “Ask Tom Anything.” Check out Tom’s video!

Consistent Stops – Dell Hendricks

Dell answers Michelle’s question about how to be more consistent while stopping.

Using Arena Equipment to Challenge All Levels & Building Rider Strength and Fitness Through Exercise

Using Arena Equipment to Challenge all Levels: Teaching a solid group lesson is important, especially if you have a variety of riding levels within one class. Specific exercises will be…

How to Mount and Dismount Correctly

How-To Mount a Horse Video: by the Certified Horsemanship Association


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