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Here are some of the 400+ tools related to horsemanship


Spinning with One Hand – Tom McCutcheon

Tom shows you how he starts his horse and continues to spin with one hand.

How to Adjust Your English Stirrups/Girth While Mounted

This Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) safety short with Master Instructor Mitzi Summers explains how to safely adjust your stirrups and girth while mounted in English tack.

Importance of Routine – Ted Turner

Champion Halter Horse Trainer, Ted Turner, talks about his training routine and the importance of a constant schedule.

Traveling with Leg Wraps

Sam writes in asking about using leg wraps when traveling with your horses.

Shoes for the Correct Discipline – Trent Wargo

Trent answers Rhonda’s question about what’s the best shoes for a horse that does multiple disciplines.

Using a Cavasan – Tom McCutcheon

Tom talks about using a cavasan on his horses, what kind he uses and why they can be helpful.

Different Rein Holds

This video will demonstrate different horseback riding rein holds. Each is used based on the experience of the horse, the experience of the rider, bit, discipline and goals. The different…

How to Longe a Horse Correctly

This video brought to you by Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) will show how to safely and effectively longe a horse.

Mathieu Buton – Collection

Mathieu Buton talks with us about collection, and shows us a few tips! Check out Mathieu’s video!

Spring Shots – Dr. Pat Garret

Dr. Pat Garret from Pilot Point talks about the importance of regular seasonal shots for your horse.

Should I Tie Up My Horse

Tom talks about how it is perfectly okay to tie-up your horse and when is not a good time to do it.

How to teach a horse to keep its front end moving during the stop

Tom McCutcheon answers the question, “How to teach a horse to keep its front end moving during the stop”

Planning Hay Purchases

Article. Purchasing proper hay is a critical management technique that horse owners should master for not only their horse’s wellness but also for their budget’s health.

Aspects and Answer-Cheff Center ($55.95)

This manual is for Therapeutic Horseback Riding Programs and is designed to encompass all facets of program development, implementation and continuance. It provides substantial guidelines for…

Halter Horse Conformation – Ted Turner

Ted Turner talks about what he looks for in a halter horse.

What to do when your horse anticipates or is anxious about the turnaround or lead change

Tom McCutcheon explains what to do when a horse anticipates or is anxious about the turnaround or lead change

Blanketing Your Horse

This video describes how to blanket and unblanket a horse correctly and safely.

Colt Starting Series with Sarah Dawson

Sarah Dawson is a well known colt starter and competed in The Road to the Horse. Sarah talks about how she starts to work a colt, along with teaching the horse to move its hindquarters to be…

Sample 15 minute lesson First Trot #2

This is a sample first trot lessons for beginner horseback riding students demonstrating the 15 minute lesson format used by participants during a Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA)…

Long Lining Safely and Effectively

CHA Master Instructor and Clinician Mitzi Summers explains how to safely long line a horse in this educational video by CHA

Colt Starting Part 2 – Sarah Dawson

In Colt Starting Part 2, Sarah shows you how she desensitizes and saddles her horses. Sarah’s main point of focus is to make the horses comfortable in whatever she does.

Tom McCutcheon – Have You Ever Felt Like Quitting

As successful as Tom McCutcheon has become, we wondered if there was ever a time he had felt like quitting. Tom’s latest video is ready for your viewing.

Loading a Horse Safely into a Trailer

Dononvan Dobbs describes how to safely load and unload a horse from a two horse slant load trailer.

Colt Starting Part 5 – Sarah Dawson

Sarah explains on keeping everything soft and simple while working with a young horse and then with time and persistence everything will start to fall into place. Sarah also talks about how…

Therapeutic Riding II Strategies for Rehabilitation ($59.95)

This manual covers the use of the horse to treat individuals with disabilities and contains the essays related to intervention in occupational and physical therapy, speech and language…

Getting off a Horse – Miranda Lyon

Miranda Lyon demonstrates a safe way to get off a horse.

Rewarding Your Horse – Mozaun McKibben

Mozan talks about rewarding his horse and how helpful it has been in his training.

Abby Lengel – Key Steps to Teaching Collection

Abby Lengel talks with and shows us her key steps for teaching collection! Do you use the same steps? Check out Abby’s video!

Shoe Types Part Two – Trent Wargo

Trent explains the shoes for the hind end of a reining horse.

Trevor Dare, Associate Trainer at Xtra Quarter Horses, gives tips on his method for speeding up spin

After winning the 2008 NRHA Limited Open Reining Futurity, Trevor Dare decided to become a professional in a meteoric rise to the top of the reining world. He has been a contender in top Open…

Working with a Wild Mustang – Mark Lyon

Mark works with a wild mustang that has only been handled a few times.

Safely Leading

Tips on leading a horse the proper and safe way.

Trevor Dare, Associate Trainer at Xtra Quarter Horses, gives tips on speeding up your spins, Part 2

Trevor picks up where we left off in this second installment of how to speed up your spins. Part 2 of 2.

Body Position – Teddy Johnson

Teddy speaks about his body position while he is working a horse and where you should sit in your saddle.


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