Good Beginnings: Pregnancy & Welcoming Baby Program

  • Teacher: Kong Choon Yen
  • Level: Beginner
  • Price: $ 20.00


This is the third segment of a three-part series:

1. Prepare for Nurturing Conception

2. Pregnancy Health and Welcoming Baby

3. Postnatal Care & Family Future Health

If you are pregnant, congratulations to you! Pregnancy and childbirth are beautiful times to bond with your baby, reset your health, and prepare you and your partner to welcome your baby in a healthy and gentle way.
Good Beginnings Program is created in an effort to inspire expectant couples like you to keep yourself in a tiptop condition. Prepare you for the journey into parenthood. We bring together experts in different fields and Good Beginnings Angels in these short classes.

Pregnancy & Welcoming Baby Program, 7 sessions: special price for all sessions SGD20


Kong Choon Yen


Kong Choon Yen is a mother of two boys, an International Bestselling Author, a speaker in the area of childbirth known to many as a Birth Expert. Yen founded Birth Discovery, and started Pay Good Beginnings Forward Movement, a Good Beginnings support group joint effort by a team of Holistic Practitioners in Singapore in support of United Nation 17 Sustainable Development Goal Number 3-Health and Wellbeing.

She is a Certified HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator, Birth Doula mentoring expectant couples the power of the mind and natural childbirth education to achieve a healthy birth, leading to a good beginning in life as a family. She pays close attention to mental-emotional blockage happened from conception through the first year of life. Yen restores life energy which was disrupted due to traumatic events from conception onwards with her gentle touch body therapy called Gentle Bio-Energetic, complemented with a simple change process called PSYCH-K, to rewire the subconscious beliefs, transform stress into a state of balance to experience joy in life and for better health.

Yen’s vision is that all babies should come into this world healthy and complete, feeling calm and joyful to begin their life with.