Sandra Davis

Sandra Davis, is an expert facilitator, coach, instructional design and curriculum developer and consultant.  She is the Co-Founder and CEO of PeopleSmart Enterprises, the co-creator of the PeopleSmart DISC Interpretation Method and the DISCovering Me Program for youth, and the Co-Founder of PeopleSmart Academy that offers online course for teaching People-literacy. Sandra has also trained as a facilitator with The Virtues Project, an initiative founded by Linda Kaveline-Popov. 

For over 20 years Sandra has been facilitating leadership development and business cultures that thrive and has consulted to companies in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, The Caribbean, Guyana, Brazil and the USA.   She uses DISC tools and resources to compliment her work and expertise in the debriefing of the DISC assessment as a People-literacy consultant.

In addition to her own courses, ebooks and trainings, Sandra is also one of the key DISC trainers. Read more...

Content by this teacher/trainer

Name Level Release Date
Online Coaching Session for Professionals 2020-02-11
CERTIFICATION: DISC Certification 2020-02-11
TRAINING & COACHING: DISC Foundations Online Course 2020-02-11
TRAINING & COACHING: DISC Online Coaching Session 2020-02-11
TRAINING & COACHING: PeopleSmart DISC Certification Online Course 2020-02-11
DISC & Communications Coach Online Course 2020-02-11
Discovering My Career Path Report 2020-02-11
My Leadership Style Report 2020-02-11
Motivators (values) Report 2020-02-11
E-BOOK: Mastering the Art of Networking 2020-02-11
E-BOOK: Mastering the Art of Leadership 2020-02-11
E-BOOK: 50 Ways for DISCovering Friendships 2020-02-11
E-BOOK: 50 Ways for DISCovering Friendships - Facilitator 2020-02-11