E-BOOK: Mastering the Art of Networking

  • Teacher: DISC trainers
  • Level: Beginner
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Mastering the Art of Networking or, the “how to” build rapport with anyone you meet for selling, is what this book is all about! So, let's start by defining what we mean when we say, “the art of networking”.

Networking = Meeting and socializing with people to determine what’s important to them, whether you can best meet those needs, and if you think a future mutual business or personal connection would be a WIN/WIN.

The art of Networking is also about, after the first thirty seconds and having the ability to leave positive first impressions. It's about leaving a lasting effect with the person you are building rapport with! In the first 30 seconds of meeting someone can you tell how to maximize your time with that person to both give and receive value?

 When reading it, you will learn different strategies that will give you further answers to all the questions and much more. Any person-to-person interaction can be fun, productive, and easier when you can approach it with the people-literacy skills you will learn in The Art of Networking.


DISC trainers

The DISC track is a series of courses, assessments, e-books, Certification and other DISC-related content.

Although there are several trainers involved in different courses, the key instructors are:

Carol Dysart, Masters of Science in Counselling and resident of San Diego, CA, is known by her clients and students as a DISC Master. She has gained mastery in the “art and science of understanding people”, from working with many clients throughout her 30+ years, that have received the gift of their DISC Personal Style and her coaching, and from her client seminar and coaching companies around the world. ​

Carol brings over three decades of experience using the DISC profiles to her CEO coaching, training them in how to get the most understanding out of their profile interpretation. She describes it as an “art” because there is a need for human interpretation of the information shown in the profile, and a “science” because the model has been statistically analysed as both accurate and predictive of the subject’s primary behaviors and style.  
Sandra Davis, an expert facilitator, coach, instructional design and curriculum developer and consultant teamed up with Carol when she lived with her in New Zealand for four years. She is the Co-Founder and CEO of PeopleSmart Enterprises, the co-creator of the PeopleSmart DISC Interpretation Method and the DISCovering Me Program.      

For 20 years Sandra has been facilitating leadership development and business cultures that thrive. She uses DISC tools and resources to compliment her work and expertise in the debriefing of the DISC assessment as a People-literacy consultant for improving the human connection.  

Sandra is
 passionate about empowering people to lead happy and enriched lives and is 
committed to designing tools and resources that  support others to become people-literate, for creating lives that are rewarding -  both personal and professional.

Sandra facilitates and trains others to deliver these programs that includes online assessments and educator training materials and resources.These programs are included in a PeopleSmart Enterprises  LICENSE offer.